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About us

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic Narodni Front has a tradition of 60 years behind it and a professional team of around 150 experienced doctors who work in 20 departments, providing healthcare for women and new-born babies. We are also the teaching base of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade which means that we undertake the education of healthcare professionals and future medical experts by facilitating schooling, training, and specialisation for our own healthcare professionals and those from other institutions.

In addition to its professionals and educational activities, Narodni front is also recognized for its other activities. We examine several hundreds of patients a day, and our baby unit sometimes accommodates more than 100 babies. The Clinic has 143 obstetrics and 187 gynaecology beds, as well as 120 baby incubators. We provide ambulatory services to 120,000 patients annually, treat 16,000 hospitalised women, and our daytime hospital admits another 7,000 women. On average, around 6,500 women give birth at the Clinic every year, and more than 6,800 babies are brought into the world. All this is made possible by our equipment, but we constantly strive to improve the level of service, because our focus is not only on health, but also on patient satisfaction. The continuous education of our doctors and nurses enables us to introduce innovations and improve knowledge, with the aim to contribute as much as possible to better teamwork, without which it would be absolutely impossible to achieve quality healthcare.